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DSA Richmond on the COVID-19 Crisis

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, DSA Richmond would like to remind everyone to be safe by practicing social distancing and stricter personal hygiene measures. We have all been caught unprepared by this outbreak, and the structure of our society – capitalism – has exacerbated it. We can build the alternative to capitalism now […]

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See you at the General Meeting!

Join us Tuesday, June 18th for our monthly General Meeting. Doors open at 6:30pm. We will meet downstairs in the Metropolitan Community Church (2501 Park Avenue). Learn how to get involved in your local chapter! AGENDA

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Communities Over Coliseums!

The Richmond Coliseum is already the busiest such arena in the state, and the notion that replacing it will somehow address Richmond’s worst problems, such as poverty and the underfunding of our school system, is a farce.

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RVA Magazine, Retract the October 24 Piece by E. Draim

At a time when violence against transgender people is on the rise in the United States, we need to, at the very least, recognize the active threat the policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration pose to the transgender community.

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Who’s Afraid of the Working Class? (Pigs Are)

Police will do whatever they can to stifle the working class’s self determination. Nothing frightens them more. Nothing reminds them more of their complicity in state violence and class warfare than a holiday that celebrates the working class’s martyrs, achievements, and culture.

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